Bye Bye, Fries.

Like a lot of women, I’ve struggled with my weight and body image, both before and after baby.

Yes, I was one of those magical creatures who got back to their pre-pregnancy size in record time, and without trying. But when your pre-pregnancy size is still 40 pounds north of where you want to be, obviously, you’re not finished yet.

Now, I’ve never been skinny, nor do I really want to be. I’m almost six feet tall. My legs are solid muscle (so that thigh gap ain’t happening). My shoulders are broad, which is good, because I need something to help hold up these giant boobs. I can eat, and eat, and eat, and my ass will stay the same size. I’m ok with all those things (particularly the tiny heinie).

But I’ve lost track of how much weight I’ve gained and lost, over and over and over again throughout the years. That part I’m not so ok with.

In the past, a heathy carb/fat routine worked wonders for me. However, giving up dairy for Gus’ sake has really thrown me for a loop with regard to weight loss. For the last nine months my number one priority has been avoiding (wonderful, delicious) dairy products so that 1) my baby isn’t sick, and 2) he doesn’t keep me up all night screaming. (Trust me. If someone came to your house every night and screamed at you at 1am and then 4am and again at 7am, you’d give up pizza and cookies, with a smile on your face.)

So that’s resulted in a lot of carbs. Noodles are safe. Rice is safe. Bagels are usually safe. Potatoes are safe. McDonalds is mostly safe. Factor in, they’re also easy to make, and oooooooh, boy, am I eating way too many damn carbs.

And while I do want to lose weight because, hello!, I’m incredibly vain, I’m really more interested in getting healthy, and running and playing with this baby I’m so fond of.

All that to say, I’m working with a nutritionist, to come up with easy and healthy dairy-free meals and snacks, so I can take advantage of all these extra breastfeeding-burning calories, instead of eating my weight in French fries.

She gave me a sample menu with a carb count for each meal and snack (it’s basically identical to what another nutritionist gave me to follow when I had gestational diabetes). Proteins and healthy fats are pretty much unlimited. I’m supposed to eat every two-three hours (just like a baby!).

Totally do-able.

Now I just have to do it.


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