Nine Months

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine from high school (and mother of three) suggested I stop trying to teach Gus to crawl. That only a crazy person does that, and it’s easier when you can just sit them somewhere and they stay put.

She. Was. Right.

He’s so, so, so fast you guys. And he’s obsessed with whatever the deadliest, pointiest, smotheriest, electrified thing in the room is. And when he stands (which is whenever he’s not crawling) he prefers to hold on to whatever is most likely to roll away or tip over.

He laughs in the face of danger.


Height & Weight: Up to 28.5 inches (60th percentile) and 17.5 pounds (8th percentile). Despite his Stringbean-ness, he’s gained three pounds and two inches in three months, and already tripled his birthweight so, we’re not complaining and his doctors are thrilled.

Likes: He loves to sit in the kitchen while I cook, and throw the empty dog bowls against the floor, and every time I sit him down, it’s a race to the dog’s water bowl, which I usually lose. Mike’s aunt gave him some new blocks that he likes to knock down as soon as I stack them up, but ideally he’s happiest with the empty boxes and bags his new toys come in. Give him a sort of shiny cardboard box he can bang like a drum and then chew half to death and he’s in heaven (and I can usually get something productive done!). We also have a set of Leap Frog maracas that he is obsessed with โ€” everywhere he goes, he drags one along.

Dislikes: Diaper changes are now an exercise in patience, strength and speed, and require wrestling and/or tricking a half-naked spinning baby. They are the 7 or 8 least favorite parts of my day.

Sleep: Some nights he might get up to nurse once (worst, twice), and some nights we get a solid 8-9 hours. It’s a crapshoot, but a glorious mostly sleeping crapshoot so I’m not complaining. I’m pretty sure some new teeth are on the horizon, because the last few nights have been rough.

Eating: With the arrival of some teeth, and a lot more chewing on his part, we’ve started offering him more bits and pieces of what we’re eating. Cooked pasta, little pieces of chicken, Cheerios in addition to his Puffs. He usually gets a mix of baby oatmeal and fruit in the morning, and then a meat/veggie/grain combo at night. He gobbles up coconut milk yogurt mixed with fruit, so I guess as we phase in a proper lunch break, that will be our go-to, and he LOVES animal crackers.

Clothes: Same old 9M/6โ€“12M. I’m looking forward to whenever he’s big enough to move to his 12M PJs, because they have non-skid feet, which he could definitely use now (this house is 75% wood and tile floors). I also broke down and bought some extra baby legwarmers (Zulily sales get me every time!) — they’re perfect for playing inside in the AC and cover his little knees while he’s crawling everywhere, and don’t tie him up like his PJs do. (Confession: the mornings I’m especially tired, I leave him in his pajamas, because they slow him down)

New Tricks: Did I mention he’s fast? Because I turn around, and BAM! he’s into something. He’s standing next to whatever will hold him, and precariously cruising (very slowly) from one thing to another. Mostly it’s just standing/stomping/smacking whatever he’s holding, while shrieking just to hear his own voice (which he’s now started doing at 3 a.m. as well). We got a hand-me-down push toy, and he likes to stand with it and push it back and forth like a vacuum, while I wait off to the side to swoop in if he falls on his face.

Teeth: He got his first two teeth (in four days) over Fourth of July weekend. I think the top two may make an appearance soon (lots of ear pulling and finger chewing lately). Tooth tally: 2.

Nicknames: Bulldozer (because things get stuck under his belly when he crawls, but he never stops), Meep-Morp, Tiny Heiney, Chompers, Chomp-Chomp, The Screaming Stringbean (see above).

Mommy & Daddy: My first wrist surgery seems to have solved the constant pain/thumb popping issue, although recovery has taken longer than I expected. I’m tentatively planning to do the second wrist at the end of August, after our family vacation, and early enough I should be back to normal for his birthday (his birthday!!).



One thought on “Nine Months

  1. Haha! Truett is the same with the crawling and standing. Why do they love to be in such precarious situations? I feel like our babies are doing all the exact same things right now. The spinning diaper changes, the dog bowl obsession, chewing on cardboard…. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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