When It Rains, It Pours (and my power goes out)


I’m exhausted.

Last night a storm rolled through town, the whole kit and kaboodle was over in five minutes, but it was enough to knock out power all over town.

This is one of the times I miss living near the city. Stupid tree branches ruin everything.

So, no lights and no AC made for a long, rough night for all three of us. I packed up some groceries (because of course I’d just stocked the fridge!), some clothes, the dogs, toys for everyone, and now Gus and I are camped out at my mother’s.

Gus has mastered crawling and standing. He’s working on cruising and just got two teeth in four days. He’s also mid- Wonder Week.

So, basically, he’s not interested in napping, and today that’s all I want to do.

But he has been exploring the pool, and it’s adorable, so I’ll leave you with that.



6 thoughts on “When It Rains, It Pours (and my power goes out)

    • We have a few swimsuits for him — the one from Carters was short sleeved, but the two from Gymboree have long sleeve. So much easier than lotioning a baby who doesn’t want to be lotioned!

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