I Found Something I Miss More Than Cheese.


I miss Advil.

My wrist surgery is on Monday morning, and I saw my doctor for my pre-op appointment yesterday*. No Advil until after my surgery. Tylenol only.

Except 1) I don’t have any Tylenol, and 2) even if I did, I never feel like it does anything.

After 24 hours without my new bff Advil, I couldn’t pull my hair up, or hold a fork, or dress the baby (he’s still in his PJs). I’d go buy some Tylenol, because I will try anything at this point to get some relief, but I genuinely don’t think I could turn the steering wheel.

I have never, ever, ever been more excited for surgery in my life.

*(I also had to take a pregnancy test. It’s the first time in my life I’m not anxiously awaiting the results.)


5 thoughts on “I Found Something I Miss More Than Cheese.

    • Yes! It started in my third trimester, and then the day Gus was born I foolishly thought it was magically gone! Turns out morphine is very effective because it was back in 24 hours. I tried cortisone injections and it’s just gotten progressively worse. The good news is, once the surgery is done, it should be gone for good. I’m so excited!

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