Eight Months

I’m starting to get glimpses of what Gus is going to be like as a toddler, and I think I’m going to be exhausted. But I also think we’ll laugh a lot, so at least there’s that.

I am officially planning his first birthday now, because I know how quickly summer comes and goes, and October (what happened to June?! It’s almost over, see?!) will be here before we know it.


This month’s pictures are brought to you by sweet potato puffs (the only thing he’ll sit still for)

Height & Weight: Nothing official until his well-baby checkup next month, but after his ear infections and follow-up, I know he weighs at least 16 pounds.

Likes: Chewing on everything (specifically Easter Eggs, Little People, soaking wet bath toys, and his Fisher Price stacking rings). Patting mommy’s face. And by “patting,” I mean poking and slapping. Pulling all the baskets out of our ikea coffee table (I planned ahead and emptied them) and then attempting to gnaw on the corners while I wrestle them out of his mouth. Over, and over, and over again.

Dislikes: Diaper or outfit changes are either sobbing, hysterical meltdowns, or a whirling dervish of 16 pounds of spinning baby. Separation anxiety is also rearing it’s ugly head, and he loses his mind if I just walk to the kitchen and back.

Sleep: We had about 3–4 weeks of horrible nights (which I realize are still better than some other people’s nights, all the time — so, horrible for us). He would wake up screaming, obviously in pain anywhere from 1–3 times a night, and would only nurse back to sleep. After months of sleeping 10–12 hours it was really hard on all of us. But the last week or so, he seems to be back to his old sleep routine (9pm to 7-9am) and snoring adorably, to boot (knock on wood).

Eating: I give him the chance to nurse every 2-3 hours during the day (about 6-7 times a day), and we backed off solids a bit a few weeks ago when he was sick (before we determined his ears were the issue). Right now he gets 1-2 containers of organic fruit and veggie blends over the course of the day, along with lots of puffs and veggie sticks. Coconut milk yogurt is a new favorite too. On a whim I gave him some of my whole wheat pancake the other day and he destroyed it, and promptly demanded more until he’s eaten half of my food. He’s also extremely enthusiastic about graham crackers, despite still having no teeth.

Clothes: Still nice and comfy in his 9 months.

New Tricks: I feel like this was a huge month for new abilities – the last week alone has been one new development after the other. Gus is pulling up on everything (mostly me, his favorite jungle gym) to a stand. He crawled (just a little bit) starting last week, and he goes a little bit farther and faster every day. Needless to say, we need to babyproof, like, yesterday. We think he’s giving kisses now – if I ask for a kiss or make kissy sounds, he’ll either latch onto my nose, or just slobber and lick my lips (just like his dad). Sometimes he laughs so hard, he snorts (a trait passed down from me, for sure – Mike calls me Snorts McGorts), and I thought it was an accident, but now he’s definitely doing it on purpose – every so often he’ll zerbert my arm/shoulder/neck, and it’s hilarious (because fart sounds get me every time.) He also started clapping a few days ago, and my head almost exploded, because stop growing already!

Nicknames: Moth-Mouth (he tried to eat a moth, it was disgusting), Dirty Birdie (usually after meals and/or during bathtime), Pincher-bug (sooo. much. pinching.)

Mommy & Daddy: I’m unprepared for a baby who’s on the move. This house is going to be a nightmare to babyproof, and we need to tackle that project ASAP now that he’s crawling. Until then, gone are the days of me sitting Gus on the floor to play while I run to the bathroom or do some laundry. I need one of those giant baby cages play yards if I’m ever going to get anything done. I’m having my first wrist surgery at the end of the month and I’m actually looking forward to it, because holy hell is it impossible to not use your thumbs and wrists while taking care of a wiggly baby.



One thought on “Eight Months

  1. Haha! Tru does the “patting” mommy’s face thing too. And the pinching. lol. And the impossible diaper changes and separation anxiety. DH thinks the anxiety is a bad thing. Me? Not so much. I know he will outgrow it. DH on the other hand is convinced Tru will be living with us playing Halo in our basement (that we don’t have btw) until he is 30!

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