First Father’s Day

Two years ago, in June 2012, I got pregnant the very first time, so naturally I ran out and bought Father’s Day gifts immediately, like a crazy, optimistic pregnant person. Four days later, they were tucked away in the back of my closet for some other year, if we were lucky.

We finally celebrated Mike’s first Father’s Day with granola bars in bed (he’s not a breakfast person), presents, and BBQs.

Gus and I gave his dad some fancy new BBQ tools, some DVDs, a Berenstain Bears book, and a puzzle (to replace the one I accidentally threw away in a cleaning spree).


And then Gus gleefully played with the balled up wrapping paper. Like, I might just give him balled up paper for his first birthday.


We spent time with both of our dads too, and I made them both photo cubes with some of our favorite pictures of Gus.


And Sunday afternoon we BBQed at Mike’s parents house, where Gus broke in his new swing.



Happy Father’s Day, to the best husband, friend, partner, dad and dog-father a girl could ask for!


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