Another Stellar Visit to Walmart

While not as infuriating as last time, I begrudgingly went back to walmart today to pick up some more photos.

Ordinarily I wouldn’t have gone back (I can hold a grudge for a loooong time) but I forgot about a little Father’s Day project I had planned, and they can do square prints (which I needed) in an hour.

So I ordered them online, got an order confirmation and then a text and an email confirmation when they were ready to pick up.

“I’m picking up an online order,” I say to one of the employees behind the photo counter.

He asks for my last name, and tells me there aren’t any orders under that name. Can I spell it again.

I do.

Same thing.

We do this four times.

Then he tries searching under my first and last name. Same thing.

He calls another employee over to help.

“I have a text and an email that they’re ready. Do you want the order number?” I ask.

They search for the order number, twice, also unsuccessfully.

“Did you order pictures?” They ask me.

“Ummmmm, yes,” I say, giving the giant PHOTO sign overhead a second glance, making sure I’m not somehow standing in the grocery section.

“Oh, THAT’S why you can’t find them,” she says, like I’m an idiot. (Because that makes so much sense!)

And then walks over to a cabinet, and hands me my photos.

And magically they were $2 cheaper than they were supposed to be, so I hightailed it outta there.


7 thoughts on “Another Stellar Visit to Walmart

  1. I HATE WalMart with a passion. I try to keep my trips to once every two months or so, and that’s only if I can’t drive the hour to go to Sam’s or Target. At least your pictures were cheaper than planned! Are you going to share your Father’s Day project?

  2. Wal-Mart is infuriating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate that place with a passion – but my drugs are cheapest there, so I have to go. =( When I was picking up a hanging basket for my mom for mother’s day I asked for assistance because they were all high & I am short. The sales associate lady said – ‘oh you can get it, just push on the bottom of the pot, you will be fine.’ WHAT!!!!??? I was furious! ha! Now I can laugh, but a month ago I was spitting fire!

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