A Baby Blessing

Mike and I are not terribly religious people, but we both knew we wanted Gus to grow up with Godparents and eventually have some sort of ceremony for him.

Thankfully the non-denominational Reverend who married us four years ago also performs Baby Blessings, so that was what we decided to call it.

So, last month – the day before my first Mother’s Day – we invited our families to our house for a quick (and lovely) ceremony, and some lunch.

We asked my stepbrother Jason, my cousin Rachael, and Mike’s cousins Kelsey and Joe (who flew in from Kansas and Chicago, respectively) to be Gus’ Godparents.




We opted to keep the decorations simple, and I made a banner with his name (which is still on the fireplace a month later, because I’m very lazy).



The plan was to have the ceremony out front on our newly landscaped lawn, but – of course! – it started pouring right before we got started.


So we crammed 45 people into our living room, dining room and foyer (which, btw, do NOT hold 45 people), so by the time the ceremony was over I was sweaty (hence the hair), and Gus was crying, and we only ended up with one decent family photo (but how many do you need, really?).



5 thoughts on “A Baby Blessing

  1. not pregnant yet, but thought about this. My husband and I are not religious either, but I was raised Catholic and had godparents. I had a particular bond with my godmother. So are your godparents also your child’s guardians in case something ever (god forbid) happens? I also did some online research and it says the godparent is suppose to give “spiritual guidance” so if you choose a godparent who is a different religion, is that weird?

    • We haven’t figured out guardianship yet (gotta do that, I guess) but as far as them being a different religion, I think the godparents we chose were a mix of Catholic, Methodist and Agnostics, haha. This is what was in the ceremony:

      “They have chosen you as godparents because they believe you share similar life values and trust that you will play a guiding role in his life.

      With this is mind, do you promise to be an ongoing part of Gus’ life, to always love this child, to always stand by him and nurture him whenever needed in his physical, mental and spiritual growth and to always provide for him an example of the goodness of mankind through how you live your life?”

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