A Week of Unfortunate Firsts

This week Gus celebrated his first Memorial Day and unofficial start of summer with his first real fever.

His first real fever was the result of his first real ear infection. I’m sorry. Make that his first double ear infection.


We treated his first ear infection(s) with his first antibiotic: amoxicillin. I said, “I’m allergic to amoxicillin, could that be an issue for him?” No. Not likely…

…until two days later, when his whole body broke out in a head-to-toe red, raised, itchy rash. Cue baby’s first allergic reaction! (and second antibiotic, obvs).


Which was all followed quickly by baby’s first dose of Benadryl.

“Give him some Benadryl for the rash. It will probably make him sleepy though, is that OK?” said the doctor.

And then we both laughed.


2 thoughts on “A Week of Unfortunate Firsts

  1. Poor baby! Having a sick baby is AWFUL. Ellie has her second bout of diarrhea (joy) and her second fever (unrelated to the diarrhea – she got her 4 month shots yesterday). Her little body feels like a furnace. AND she pooped all over my hand when I was trying to take her temperature this morning, via her butt. Mothering is such a glamerous gig. I hope Gus feels better soon, and you’re all getting some well deserved sleep!

    Also, he looks SO BEAUTIFUL in that first shot.

    • Thanks, Sarah! He seems to be getting better, but Benadryl has NO effect, as least as far as sleepiness is concerned, so we’re still up twice a night. Gus wants to know who’s laughing now. I hope Ellie feels better soon, and you have faster hands next time.

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