Word to the Wise

When your child keeps you up all night, and you finally throw in the towel and decide to nurse him back to sleep at 2:50, ugggggh it’s the middle of the night … wait. What? 12:55! Shiiiiiiiiit. This is gonna be a long night.

Anyway, when you get up and run to the bathroom before lulling your once ahhhmaaazing sleeper back to bed with milk, and you notice the whites of one of your eyes is now red โ€” do NOT do a google image search for “blood in eye no pain.”*

1) Subconjunctival Hemorrhage sounds like it’s going to be horrible, but turns out, not really โ€“ once WebMD reassures you it’s all gonna be ok.

2) That unfortunate image search, while terrifying, will quickly make you realize the tiny red spot in your eye is not actually as bad as you initially thought…

3) but so much for sleeping now, sucker, because you’re surely about to be haunted by visions of those eyes that were waaaaay worse than yours, which (ironically) you cannot unsee.

*some of you are thinking about googling it, aren’t you? I find eye things particularly disturbing, so maybe it’s just me? No. It’s not. Just don’t do it.


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