Seven Months

Back when Gus was only a few weeks old, when I was still sleep deprived, and baby bluesy, and wondering wtfhaveidone?! my friends Megan & Kristen came to visit me and the baby. They came bearing whole chickens, veggies, and homemade hummus. That’s got nothing to do with the story, it was just really nice of them (and I polished off that hummus before Megan made it back to her house).

Anyway — Kristen game all the way up to visit from Virginia with her daughter Kaitlin, who was seven months old at the time (she just celebrated her first birthday, which is insane, and she’s not even mine). I remember watching Kristen and Kaitlin sit, and play, and breastfeed on the go! with ease! and I was insanely jealous. I didn’t think we’d ever get there.

And now … here we are. And my little man does do all those things. And, obviously he’ll be packing up and leaving for college any day now.


Height & Weight: Meh. Trying to measure those things at home, when we don’t have a well-baby visit at the doctor is too hard. I learned the hard way a few months ago that my scale is totally inaccurate at weighing babies (and will only give a new mom a complex about her milk supply.) So, we’ll worry about height and weight at his nine-month checkup.

Likes: The 12 cheap-o easter eggs I picked up at the grocery store last month was the best $1 I ever spent. Gus eats them, talks to them, throws them, and shimmies around on the floor after them. We have a bunch of stacking toys from Christmas, and hand-me-downs from my cousin’s daughters that he plays with constantly. And his new super heroes little people from his godfather Joe are his new favorite things to munch on. Bathtime in the bigger tub is a favorite, because he gets to splash e.v.e.r.y.thing.

Dislikes: Every so often he’ll decide he doesn’t want to be put down, or I’m not fast enough picking him up — he’ll let me hear about it. But for the most part, he’s pretty happy.

Sleep: I don’t know if it was teeth, or an upset tummy (we’ve been trying lots of new foods) but there were a few nights when he would wake up screaming in pain. Sometimes he’d want to nurse, and we’d repeat the whole process in another four hours. Then there was about a week in a row, when he would wake up at 5am like clockwork, and just want to chat. It was like a one-man Oprah & Gayle up in here. I feel like we’re getting back to normal, but last week we had a lot more night screaming and night feeds. So, I don’t know. I know we still get a lot more sleep than other people, so I’m not complaining (much).

Eating: He still nurses every two to three-ish hours during the day. He gets some solids two or three times a day, and I give him a mix of fruits, and veggies and oatmeal. We’re experimenting with different flavor combos, because man! are those little pouches convenient. Our doctor said we could start giving him puffs (even though the container says he should be crawling?) so we did. The first week he just smashed them to bits and fed them (indirectly) to the dogs. A month later the dogs still get their fair share, but now he can pick them up individually and feed himself. We’re working on a sippy cup too, only with meals, and he can drink out of them, but we have to hold it for him. I gave him one of my veggie straws a few days ago, just to see what he’d do, and I ended up creating a veggie straw monster (whoops!).

Clothes: In retrospect, I probably should’ve moved him into his nine month clothes a few weeks ago. This baby is skinny, yes, but he is looooong, and has giant feet. His six month stuff was bursting at the seams around his toes. It was like Foot-Binding by Carters.

New Tricks: He’s been sitting up all by himself, for a few weeks now. I usually leave the Boppy behind him, just in case, but nine times out of ten he lunges forward after a toy. He seems to be faceplanting less and less, but he hasn’t quite figured out how to use his arms or knees to move forward from sitting. I don’t really know how to help him, other than let him play sitting up on the floor? Sitting and rolling over were easy to practice, but he’s flattens out whenever I try to show him how to crawl. And he’s talking up a storm — and of course, by talking, I mean babbling nonsense. All day, all I hear is BA-BA-BABABA-BAH-MMMMBA.

Nicknames: GusGus, Gus-a-gus, Buck-O.

Mommy & Daddy: I had issues with De Quervain syndrome before I got pregnant (too much iphoneing, I guess) and it got pretty bad in my last trimester. Since Gus was born, it’s only gotten worse — I’ve tried cortisone injections, which lasted about 12 weeks — and now I need surgery on both of my wrists. Basically, if I don’t wear wrist/thumb braces 24/7, I can’t pick up the baby, and if I do anything that requires a thumb (so, you know, EVERYTHING), my thumbs pop out of place, and lock up. It is excruciating. So I need to get that scheduled, and then have two surgeries a few weeks apart. Fun!



5 thoughts on “Seven Months

  1. He’s so cute! I know I say that every time you post a picture of him , but seriously, he is. 😉 I’m jealous a little that he still breastfeeds so much. Tru is down to just 3-4 times a day and once at night and he hates it. He wants to wean so bad and he would if I would give him a bottle. It breaks my heart!
    Tru was doing the flattening out thing too when I would try to get him to crawl until I took him around my niece and she crawled in front of him. After watching her he started getting on all fours and was crawling a little over a week later. So maybe Gus would if you took him around some babies that are at the crawling stage? I think Tru just didn’t like having a girl show him up lol.
    So sorry to hear about the surgery you need. That totally sucks! I hope that helps you feel better soon though.

    • There were a few days when we offered more solids, and less milk. He was unfazed by the switch during the day, but then he’d have a terrible time at night. Screaming, crying and nursing like crazy. So I make an effort to offer every few hours if it means I get to sleep at night!

      • Yeah Tru went through a phase where he was nursing 3-4 times at night. But I never wanted to cut back on daytime nursing sessions yet. He just doesn’t have time for my boob any more. He thinks he’s a big kid with places to go. lol. 😉

  2. The month by month is absolutely amazing – I love watching him grow! That is something I wish I had been better about. Also, he is little Ashley. SO CUTE. And he is a very advanced baby! Solids and sippy cups are impressive at seven months.

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