Baby Photoshoot

I really wanted to have a newborn photoshoot after Gus was born, until I saw how much they cost.

Thankfully I have a lot if fancy camera equipment (even though nine times out of ten I end up using my phone), a general knowledge of lighting, aperture, photo composition, etc., and a love of photography. Most of my favorite pictures of Gus are ones I’ve taken (also I’m just super biased, and there are no bad pictures of this child).

About a month ago, we had his (and ours) pictures taken professionally. I’ve been keeping them under wraps until we could hand out Mother’s Day presents, but now I can overload you with adorableness.






9 thoughts on “Baby Photoshoot

  1. He really is adorable! (You know everyone says that about everyone’s baby even when they don’t mean it, but in your case, it’s totally true! 😉 ) He has the best facial expressions.

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