… Nevermind

Remember all that delicious dairy I was going to eat?


Not gonna happen, for few more months I think.

It’s so hard to tell. Six-month olds are tricky — at least ours is. He wants to do so much, and he’s frustrated (I think) that he can’t make stuff happen, or move like he wants to. And we’re mid-Wonder Week Leap #5. And he’s still a drooling toothless little goon, so I never know if his mouth hurts. And he’s all about eating some solids, so diapers are their own little adventure now.

Basically he just whines alllll the time, and god forbid I put him down.

So, when he’s sort of extra whiny, and diapers are weird, I have no way of knowing if it was that mini babybell I ate over the weekend, or that one little bite of Mike’s delicious cheese covered sub I had a few days ago, or if that’s just how it is now.

And so, I will say farewell for now to dairy (again).

It’s not goodbye.

It’s I’ll see you later.


4 thoughts on “… Nevermind

  1. After a week or two without it, if he’s still fussing it’s probably not that. Both A&L are mega fussy lately and today it was at the same time. I think it’s the leap. I hate not knowing for sure too. I look forward to when they can tell me what’s wrong.

    • Some stranger at the grocery store had the audacity to tell me that it “only gets harder,” which I refuse to believe is true.

      Of course — after a few days without dairy he’s not fussy (excessively) at all. But the leap is also over, so who the hell knows?!

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