Six Months

Um. How did we get here, already? The last six months went by in the blink of an eye. I got a promotional card the other day, wishing Gus a Happy Half Birthday! Here! Have some free yogurt!

(Speaking of yogurt, I get to eat some dairy! I mean, it might still have disastrous gastrointestinal results for Mr. Baby, but I’m going to enjoy it even if it’s only for one meal.)

I’ll be mailing invitations to this baby’s first birthday party in no time.


Height: 26.5 inches (up from 24.8 inches at four months.)

Weight: 14.5 pounds (up from 13 pounds and 2 ounces at four months.)

Likes: Funny faces, hilarious sounds, and my bouncing ponytail crack this baby up. He loves to pick things up and drop them on the floor, or bang them as hard as he can on his highchair tray. He seems more interested in stuffed animals (insofar as they’re delicious). Where’s–Gus?–There–He–Is! is his new favorite game. And he loves food.

Dislikes: Not much, honestly. Some days naps are a challenge, and others he sleeps no questions asked. But when he’s done doing whatever he’s doing — be it playing on the floor, in his exercauser or highchair — ooooh boy. You better not hesitate to pick him up or you will hear about it. The last few days have been rough — I can’t sit him down without him screaming hysterically, immediately. I hope it’s just a combination of a wonder week and some teeth, and that it’ll be over soon.

Sleep: The more new parents I meet and talk to, the more I realize we were blessed with a good sleeper. He’s usually out for the night by 10 p.m. and up for the day around 8 a.m. Most nights we just turn in around the same time (since who knows when all the sleep could stop?!) so we regularly get 8+ hours. I can usually get him down for naps during the day, totaling 2-4 hours too but we’re not on any real schedule. I just follow his lead.

Eating: He still nurses every two-ish hours during the day. We jumped the gun a bit, and gave him some solids last month. He only gets a few bites a day, usually at dinner time so Mike and I can eat together. We opted to skip over cereal all together for now, and started with fruits and veggies. So far he’s had: apples, peas, sweet potatoes, carrots, pears, prunes, peaches, squash and avocado. He pretty much loves everything. Up next is puréed meat (gross) and baby oatmeal.

Clothes: Six months are still going strong, and I suspect he’ll be too long for them way before they’re too tight (this boy is a string bean). Cloth diapering is still going well, and 19 diapers seems to be a good amount to keep me from doing laundry alllll the time.

New Tricks: He’s sitting up really well with support, and can sit for awhile on his own but usually tips over so I can’t really leave him to his own devices. He does full-body planks while he’s playing on the floor (this kid has ahmazing core strength) and if he figures out how to get up on his knees, I think we’re in big trouble. He already rolls and scoots faster than I thought possible.

Nicknames: Milkbag, Milkmen P. Baggins (Frodo’s cousin), Scoots McGoots.

Mommy & Daddy: I mean. We sleep a lot. We get to eat dinner (on plates! at the table! together!!) almost every night. The baby thinks we’re both hilarious. My laundry still isn’t folded or put away, and I can’t remember the last time I used the vacuum, but overall I feel like we’re nailing this parenting thing. Famous last words, right? We’ll see. Teeth HAVE to be right around the corner (the doctor showed us little indentations where they will be, one day soonish), and I’m sure I’ll be singing a different tune by then. And after decades of torturing my mother with my ice cold feet (they’re always cold, always) I’m finally getting my comeuppance. This baby’s tiny piggies usually end up stuck to me when I least expect it.

Bonus pictures!!




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