Trying New Things

Doing anything for the first time with a new baby is nerve-wracking — at least it is for me.

I remember having no idea how to take him grocery shopping. The first few weeks I’d suffer through Saturday or Sunday crowds so that Gus could hang out at home with his dad. That lasted about two weekends, and I decided I missed the convenience of mid-day, mid-week shopping too much. So I figured it out. Now we go every Monday, no problem.

I was afraid to take him to the mall, or out to eat. I was even nervous just taking him to other people’s houses.

But things aren’t as scary as they seem, and the older he gets the easier it is to feed him in public, or on the go. And — I hope I’m not jinxing us — he cannot resist the baby bjorn. If this kid is well fed and recently changed, I can do just about anything as long as he’s strapped in and along for the ride.

This weekend we went for Gus’ first official professional photos. I wanted to get a few family shots while we were there, so we were dressed and coordinated, and my hair was down and curled. So of course it was randomly 80 degrees, and the mall was crowded as hell.

The photo studio was running 45 minutes behind, so I was a hot, sweaty mess and Gus was less than enthused by the time we got started. You know it’s bad when Mike is the optimistic one in a scenario like that, because hot, crowded, organized photos are pretty much his worst nightmare.

In the end, we got some great pictures of Gus (and some decent photos of all if us together — god, I need to lose 30 pounds) … which I can’t show you, haha. Since Mothers Day is right around the corner, we’re keeping those under wraps until gifts are handed out (at least new babies/first grandkids make gift giving a no-brainer).

And today we went to Read & Play at our local library for the first time. Way back when we met a couple in our childbirth class who live close by, and I ran into them and their daughter last week and they recommended we check it out.

Most of the babies were a year or older, and there was a set of twins who were probably four months old. So while Gus couldn’t really clap along or dance around, he can sit up with a lot of supervision and loves to slap board books around. And he didn’t cry, or poop everywhere, and now he’s taking a nap like nobody’s business so I suspect it’ll become part of our regular schedule.

Lessons learned? This baby can probably handle more than I give him credit for, and I need to just try new things with him or I’ll never know if we can succeed.

Oh, and the next time we want family photos taken, schedule that nonsense for a Wednesday afternoon, and have Daddy come meet us on his lunch break.


2 thoughts on “Trying New Things

  1. LOL I’m glad your are eating more comfortable getting out. I’m impressed there’s another twin mom out there doing crazy stuff like story time. Do you live near me? Haha jk.
    Try a tripod at home for family pics. I find they can actually be pretty swell, and no chaotic trips to anywhere involved. It’s terrific.

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