Five Months

Five months ago, when all this baby did was eat and sleep, seems like ages ago. Now he wants what he wants, when he wants it, and he’s on the move a lot more by rolling and pushing and scooting around.

I can remember feeding Gus at the mall one day when he was around 8 weeks old — in the women’s lounge at Nordstrom — and there was another mom there feeding her daughter who seemed huge. I asked how old she was and she told me she was five months. I remember thinking that seemed like forever away, and he’d never be that big. I was mistaken, on both counts.


Height: I can’t find my tape measure anywhere, but I’d guess around 25ish inches? (up from 24.8 inches last month.)

Weight: I’d guess somewhere in the 14 — 14.5 range (up from 13 pounds and 2 ounces last month.)

Likes: Anything that can fit in his mouth, he loves. Anything he can rub on his face because it’s too big for his mouth, is the bees knees too. He’s sort of interested in stuffed animals, insofar as they can also go in his mouth. He’s starting to enjoy his exercauser more, and (surprise!) tries to eat whatever reaches his face.

Dislikes: Are you me, or Mike? No? Then Gus probably wants his space. A month ago he’d smile and coo his little face off no matter who was holding him, but now — about 95% of the time it’s alllll Mommy and Daddy, or there will be hell to pay.

Sleep: Still sleeping through the night like a boss, although he starts kicking, punching and flailing around 4am every night. Sometimes I can get him settled, and sometimes I just end up getting punched in the face a lot, either way he seems to sleep through it all. Naps are starting to be a little more predicable, but they still take place in my lap. Meh. That’s why god invented Netflix and library books.

Eating: A month ago my plan was to start solids around 6 months. The pediatrician said we could start whenever we were ready after 4 months, and this past week just seemed like the right time. He LOVES apples so far. He shouts at me for more as soon as I start to refill the spoon. My plan is to try a new fruit or veggie each week, and just give him a few bites, once a day. Other than that, he’s still nursing every 2ish hours when he’s awake.

Clothes: Still in his 6 month clothes, but going through two or three bibs a day thanks to the ever present drooling. We also switched to cloth diapers a few weeks ago (we did a few trial runs starting around 3 months). He still sleeps in disposables, and I keep a stash in the diaper bag, but he’s in cloth about 80% of the time, and I have enough I can make it about three days before having to wash them.

New Tricks: He’s blowing Raspberries like it’s his job (started at 19w), and making lots of new consonant sounds (D, G, M, N & R). He’s spinning and scooting around on his playmat, and we’re working on sitting up with support (oh boy, does this child want to sit up!) I think his highchair might be his new favorite place (since it lets him sit, but also there is food there). And he’s a straight up chatterbox. And sometimes if I whistle, I think he tries to sing along (and I fall on the floor dead of cuteness overload).

Nicknames: Monkey Man, Drool Factory. Every time he wakes up, I usually say, “Hey Eyeballs!” I don’t know why, I just do. I said it the other day at the doctors office when he woke up in his car seat, and the nurse sloooowly turned around and asked, “What did you name him?!”

Mommy & Daddy: After discovering the boy likes his highchair, we decided to, you know, use it. So a few days ago after I made dinner, Gus played with some toys while Mike and I ate a meal. Together! Sitting at a table! The last time that happened, I was still a weepy mess post-csection, and our moms were taking care of us. Then Gus was plagued by general baby fussiness, and dairy for a few weeks, not to mention dinner always seemed to coincide with his purple crying hour. But we made it! Five months later, and everyone gets to sit down to eat! Parenting milestone!


5 thoughts on “Five Months

  1. You will be so glad you have kept his progress in such detail. You think you will never forget but you do. I can’t remember when my four even walked. (no senior citizen jokes please)

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