Four Months

What a difference a month makes! Now we have a babbling, sort of mobile, little man on our hands.


Height: 24.8 inches (up from 24.5 inches last month.)

Weight: 13 pounds and 2 ounces (up from 12 pounds last month.)

Likes: He loves me. Like, completely adores me. I’m not bragging — he likes other people too, and went insane flirting with people at Costco the other day. But I am his favorite. He actually plays on his baby gym now, and we’ll give his exersaucer another try soon (the first attempt a few weeks ago was a no-go. He just slumped over).

Dislikes: Teething. I mean, I can’t say for sure that he’s teething (thanks to the lack of actual teeth) but he’s drooling, rubbing his head/ears all the time, and randomly crying out in pain when he sleeps. So I’m going with teething. And we all dislike it.

Sleep: Naps are still sporadic, but he consistently sleeps 8-10 hours at night, so I’m not complaining.

Eating: No solids yet (my plan is to hold off until 6 months) and eating every two hours during the day. God forbid something distracts him though, or he decides he wants to play with me — then it’s just on and off, on and off, nipple shields flying every which way, and he just laughs and laughs. And it’s impossible not to smile at a laughing baby, which begins the vicious cycle of him doing it just to get me to laugh at him. He’s a bit of a character.

Clothes: Officially wearing his 6 month clothes, which are verrrry spacious, but he was too tall for his old stuff, and length-wise the 6 months are a perfect fit.

New Tricks: Rolling over! He rolled from tummy-to-back when he was 15 weeks old. He rolled from back-to-tummy a few days ago. Yesterday I left him on his playmat to throw some things in the dryer, and when I came back he was three feet away from where I left him. Last week he pulled himself forward to sit up in the boppy, and now he pulls forward to sit whenever possible. The doctor predicts he’ll be sitting up before his six-month appointment. And he talks, all the time. Mostly to us, but he likes to talk to blinking lights and the fridge (weirdo!), and sometimes the dogs.

Nicknames: el Guapo, Drool Monster

Mommy & Daddy: Postpartum hair loss is no joke. The hormonal change, coupled with constant ponytails, and showering kind of sporadically is doing a number on my luscious mane. And by that, I mean I pull out, like, fistfuls of hair every time I shower. Mike’s hair is still lush and full and perfect, the jerk. We spent four days at my mom’s house two weeks ago after an ice storm knocked out our power. We lose power all the time (a generator is at the top of our list for 2015) and are used to packing up the dogs and heading to our parents’ houses, but babies do not travel lightly. A week later it snowed almost two feet, and Mike had to do 95% of the shoveling, but at least the lights stayed on. Then another week later, we didn’t have any water thanks to a water main break up the street. I really really hope we can ride out this winter without anymore issues (seriously, is it Spring yet?). I also hope we win the lottery and that theoretical generator can become a reality.

And now, feast your eyes on this handsome devil, one more time.



15 thoughts on “Four Months

  1. I tried to comment earlier but wp wouldn’t let me. I was wanting to do a blog post on post partum hair loss. I’m starting to wonder if its a ridiculously abnormal amount I’m losing. I’m freaking out several times a day about postpartum induced alopecia. ….. On another note, Gus is very cute!! 🙂 Love reading about him!

  2. Hey, quick question, why are you using nipple shields? I am having a hard time bfing my little one and each session ends in tears( small mouth large nipple issues). I am pumping and bottle feeding him out of frustration.

    • It was the result of a few issues, specifically having flat nipples. I also have huge boobs, and no matter how much compression he just couldn’t latch. We tried the shield an hour before we were discharged from the hospital and it worked like a charm.

      They’re not meant for long term use, apparently, and I can occasionally get him to latch without it now, but I prefer it, he’s gaining really well and it works for us. I highly recommend trying one. It is the only reason I was successful and stuck with it.

      I use a Medela Contact Nipple Shield, you should be able to find one anywhere that has a decent baby department.

      • Oh. My problem is different. Big nipple and areola and small mouth. Too many latching issues. Seeing a LC today and also got a brestfriend pillow. I really want this nightmare to end. I get so frustrated I succumb to the bottle. I am pumping at all odd hours to make sure at least breast milk gets in him.

      • See what the LC says, but I say still give the shield a try. It’s a lot longer than the nipple itself (at least in my case) so it gives baby more to latch into. It’s only a few bucks and it might be enough of a difference.

  3. What a cutie! I am with you on the hair loss. I think I clog the tub once a week from it! I miss my nice think pregnancy hair. It is so funny that our boys seem to be doing the same things. Coen thinks it’s so funny to pull off while eating, look up laugh, go back on, look up laugh. 🙂 He has yet to roll over though. He goes from side to side and rolled over from belly to back once when he was real young but have not seen it happen since.

  4. Again…YOUR BABY IS ADORABLE!!!! Is it just me, or does he look A LOT like you?? I’m thinking of the CMS middle school yearbook with all the baby pics! I’m sure Nancy agrees….

  5. Yes – the shield rocks. I have an oversupply (I choke my baby! which makes me feel awesome, as you can imagine) AND she’s tongue tied. The shield makes breastfeeding possible. Shield sisters unite!

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