What We’re Watching

If we’ve spent any time together in real life, you know I love all things TV and Movies.

I have, for the record, never ever lost a game of Scene It. Not once.

I will destroy you.

I suspect that’s why people who know me well are always so surprised to find out we don’t have cable.

We used to. Oh, boy did we. So many channels. So much TV. But then we moved into the middle of a freaking forest, and satellite was out of the question (too many trees) and cable was really really expensive in our new county.

So we decided to go without. Most of what we watch is on network TV anyway, and most of the fancy cable stuff we could catch up with later online.

I spend a lot of time in the house now, thanks to an adorable baby who’s currently mid-growth spurt, and that pesky polar vortex.

And so I watch a lot of TV.

If you’re on a tight breastfeeding schedule, about to go on maternity leave, or just love TV as much as I do, here are some of my new (and old) favorites.



Orange is the New Black — Hilarious prison hijinx! A character named Crazy Eyes! Drug smugglers with (mostly) hearts of gold! Based on a true story! What’s not to like?

Dexter — Prerequisite for viewing: you should be kind of OK with murder. And probably have a dark sense of humor. Also a questionable moral compass.

Chuck — Netflix just added the whole series, which I watched pretty regularly for a few years but never finished. I’m glad I get to start over from the beginning because Zachary Levi is adorable.

Arrow — The first season on Netflix, and the second season is currently airing on the CW. Imagine if Batman were trapped on an island for a few years, and was shirtless a lot after he got home and started taking out bad guys.

Scandal — If you’re not watching Scandal, you’re life is basically devoid of meaning. It’s that good.

30 Rock — I miss Liz Lemon and the gang. This show never gets old to us, and is on heavy rotation in this house.

Better off Ted — This little comedic gem aired for two seasons, and we loved it, but it seems to be an acquired taste.

Psych — Another family favorite. Did we name our child after Burton Guster? No, not “technically.” But we’re OK with people assuming we did.

Brooklyn 9-9 — Our new favorite thing. It’s like Law & Order: Very Funny.

The Mindy Project — Mindy Kaling can do no wrong as far as I’m concerned. She’s pretty. She’s hilarious. She has amazing taste in clothes. And she casts super hot love interests for herself.

New Girl — Nick Miller used to be my favorite. Now I can’t get enough Schmidt. Is the new season as good as the first two? No, but I’m hanging in there.

Veronica Mars — This is sort of cheating, because you need either an Amazon Prime account or the DVDs to rewatch this ridiculously good series (I have both). Snarky, sexy, sassy and so much sarcasm. All my faves.


4 thoughts on “What We’re Watching

  1. Loved Orange!! It’s difficult waiting until summer for the next season! My in the meantime shows are House of Cards (I teach civics and love all things politics) and Breaking Bad. There are some scenes that require the volume lowered for little ears lol. We only have Internet TV stuff too. It’s the new hot thing 😉

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