Happy Birthday, Me!

Yesterday was my birthday. The big 3-3.

Gus and I spent the day eating, sleeping, catching up on the DVR and binge watching Dexter and Veronica Mars.


Yoga pants and slippers for me. Fresh PJs and a bib for him.


About that bib. Is that a dinosaur and a volcano? Or a dinosaur drinking a beer? Hmm.

Mike made me a delicious dinner, and gave me some new pans I’ve had my eye on (Gus chipped in and gave me the matching lids, such a thoughtful boy).

And since this is the first time in probably two decades that I’ve made zero New Years Resolutions (I can’t/don’t need to diet thanks to breastfeeding) I’m eating. everything. in. sight.

Cake for breakfast? You betcha.

Cake (again!) for dessert.

Well it is my birthday.


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