Easy and Delicious No Knead Bread

I can’t stop baking bread.

For the record, I’m not much of a baker. I make Christmas cookies with my mom every year (not this year: infant + no dairy = why bother). I’ll make a quick box-mix cake or some brownies from time to time.

Once I made a dark chocolate and croissant bread pudding. That was pretty impressive.

Making bread at home always seemed really labor intensive and complicated to me, so when I found a recipe for an easy “no knead” bread at Kitchen Vignettes, I was excited to try it.

If you have some downtime, or you’re back at work post-holidays and aren’t really ready to empty that inbox, whatever — do yourself a favor and look at all the recipes at Kitchen Vignettes. They all look delicious, and the video how-tos that accompany each one are so beautiful. They’re my new favorite thing.

But back to the bread. I’ve made three loaves already this week — don’t worry I gave one away — but I won’t lie to you, the others we ate really quickly.


Every time has been a little different — the first time I didn’t cover it well enough during the first proofing and it got weird and dry along the top of the dough. I carried on though, and it was perfect when it came out of the oven.

It’s pretty impossible to mess it up, as far as I can tell.

My favorite part? It’s really really easy. Yes, it has to proof for awhile so you have to plan ahead but that’s my only mini-complaint.

It’s also totally dairy- and soy- (which I don’t have to cut out, but I do when I can) free, and it’s not full of a bunch of random ingredients I can’t pronounce.

I haven’t attempted to make a gluten-free loaf, but I think it would be worth a shot. Seriously the recipe is so simple, and can be easily adapted if you have special dietary restrictions.

Next up, I want to play with some mix-ins and different flavor combinations — first on my list are Rosemary & Lemon, Dark Chocolate & Orange, and Garlic & (fake) Cheese.


5 thoughts on “Easy and Delicious No Knead Bread

  1. Thank you for sharing this recipe! We baked our first loaf today and it was a total hit. Crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. Delicious! I’ve got another loaf (this time with rosemary) rising on the counter. We’ll be baking it tomorrow to go along with some chili.

  2. I made it today; it was awesome! I wanted to add olives but only had green ones stuffed with garlic, so I am waiting until I can pick up some black ones. Next up will be cheese bread. I’ve started following Kitchen Vignettes and loving the blog so far!

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