Two Months

Man, what a difference a month makes, huh? Smiles! Sleep laughing! SLEEPING in general!?

This baby is getting big. So big sometimes I look down at him while he’s sleeping and he looks like a little boy, instead of a baby.


Height: 21.75 inches (up from 21.3 inches last month.)

Weight: 10 pounds and 15 ounces (up from 8 lbs and 10 ounces last month.) One measly ounce away from doubling his birthweight.

Likes: Christmas ornaments, chalkboards, naps, soothies, rocking chairs, mom whistling jingles and Christmas carols (because I forgot most of the words), Nana singing off-key to The Sound of Music, head butting (this child has a rock hard skull), and bath time.

Dislikes: Super cold wipes (I thought I was being clever leaving the diaper car in the car. In December. I was mistaken.)

Sleep: I freaking love this child. I mean, I’d love him no matter how much he slept, but he’s seriously the best. The last few weeks, he sleeps about 7-8 hours each night. It’s not consistent, but now a “bad” night in this house means I get up every four hours or so instead of two. I will brag for a second and tell you he’s slept for eight hours every night for the last week — amazing, right? And even after he sleeps for eight hours, he has some breakfast and then TAKES A NAP. He’s definitely his mother’s child.

Eating: Gus still eats like a skinny Japanese guy at a hotdog eating contest. The last two hours or so before bed (which for him is pretty consistently at 12:30) he eats a lot, but I’m fine with that if we get to sleep for eight hours. During the day he still eats every 2-3 hours, and I watch a loooooot of Netflix.

Clothes: Mr. Man is solidly in his 3 months clothes, and I’m fascinated by the inconsistency across brands. The stuff we have from Babies R Us, he’ll be too tall for in a few weeks, same with a few off brands I picked up at Kohls. The Carters stuff still has a few inches to spare all over so I imagine those will last through January.

Nicknames: Brick, Toots Magoots, Buddy, Big Baby, the Pooper, Little Bean, Pooter

Mommy & Daddy: We’re both definitely benefiting from the extra sleep. Getting ready for the holidays has been a little stressful (thank god for Amazon, and living down the street from Kohls). Throw in Thanksgiving, Christmas and a wedding anniversary for good measure, and it’s safe to say time is flying. I’m still avoiding all dairy (which is in and Gus seems much happier. It takes forever to work it’s way out of both our systems, so we’re just now seeing a difference. Grocery shopping has been a lot of fun, while I experiment with vegan products, and am alternately thrilled and horrified when I discover items that you’d think are made with milk are in fact just heavily processed chemical frankenfoods. Oreos (what’s in the filling?!). Premade Cream Cheese icing (zero cream cheese?!)

… I bought them anyway.

What? They’re delicious.


3 thoughts on “Two Months

  1. I’m drinking Coconut Milk eggnog right now (spiked with bourbon, of course.) Delish. Also, have you tried almond milk? I love the stuff. Especially chocolate almond milk. Mmmm… Out here in LA everyone’s “avoiding” dairy or gluten or parsley or whatever. You & Gus are so Cali.

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