Catching a Smile

This baby smiles all. the. time.

It’s the most wonderful thing in the world, and I still tear up a little when he sees me and lights up, gums galore (I blame the lingering postpartum hormones).

It’s a tricky thing to capture — mainly because they come and go very quickly, and I’m trying not to live behind the lens of my iPhone.

Thankfully I’ve managed to time things just right on a few occasions and caught a few great smiles with my camera.



But I also have a phone full of blurry half-smiles, that are just as cute (in my very biased opinion) but will probably never make it into a picture frame.



Next up is laughing, I think? I’m pretty sure he laughed in his sleep the other day (he smiled in his sleep before he did it for real too). If smiling makes me cry, I’m sure I’ll be hysterical when this baby starts laughing.


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