So Thankful

I have a lot to be thankful for in 2013.

I’m thankful that I walked away from a ridiculous car accident earlier this year with only some scrapes and bruises.

I’m thankful I have a best friend willing to wait to go see Catching Fire until I can pump some milk and leave ‘lil man with his dad for a matinee in a few weeks.

I’m thankful for the lazyboy armchairs I bought 10 years ago, never realizing they would be the best nursing chairs in the world.

I’m thankful Mike noticed the straw in my fancy BPA-free cup had mold inside it, despite what I thought were frequent/thorough washings.

On that note, I’m thankful for that giant box of disposable straws I randomly got from ikea in 2009, and am still working my way through.

I’m thankful for nipple shields, and the very intense Lactation Consultants who suggested I give them a whirl.

I’m thankful breastfeeding is free, and burns calories like a mofo.

I’m thankful for all food items that can be prepared, and consumed, with one hand.

I’m thankful to have a husband who wakes up during midnight feedings to ask me if we’re alright? Do I need water? What about a blanket? Or just gives me a thumbs up.

I’m thankful for neck travel pillows, Netflix, and nursing bras.

I’m thankful for our family and friends who keep feeding us.

I’m thankful for whoever figured out how to make a dairy-free pumpkin pie so I can have some dessert on Thanksgiving.

I’m thankful that our two dogs (our first babies) seem interested in Gus, and have already written him off as boring (but still lickable).

I’m thankful for the snapfish mobile app, because this child is only 5.5 weeks old and I’ve already uploaded 400+ new pictures.

I’m thankful for the Sierra and Nashville Instagram filters and their ability to camouflage baby acne.

I’m thankful I read all those Dexter spoilers over the years, so I’m not completely horrified when I catch up on season four.

I’m thankful my favorite flavors of Girl Scout cookies just so happen to be dairy-free (as long as they’re baked by the right bakery).

(I ate soooo many Thin Mints yesterday.)

For Boppy pillows, Moby wraps, KellyMom, wearable blankets, white noise machines, gas drops and pacifiers.

And, obviously, I’m thankful for my little nine-plus pound (and counting!) butterball.

photo (17)

For the all the science, doctors and nurses, and medicine that got him here safe and sound.

For all the love, support and advice people have given us — both before and after he was born. We couldn’t have done all this without them.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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