One Month

What the hell happened? Gus is a month old? November is almost over? Thanksgiving is next week (and I have to leave my house?!)? Christmas is right around the corner?! Last thing I remember were some contractions, and some talk about Halloween coming up…

Newborns, man. They’re lucky they’re so cute.


So here’s a little update on Gus, and our lives as a family of three.

Height: 21.3 inches (up from 19.25 inches at birth.)

Weight: 8 lbs and 10 ounces (up from 5 lbs, 8.5 oz at birth.)

Likes: Bob Marley, Huey Lewis, John Hughes movies, riding in the Moby wrap, bath time, ceiling fans, peeing everywhere, Daddy’s beard, Mommy’s boobs.

Dislikes: diaper changes, over-head outfit changes, dairy products.

Sleep: The first few weeks were rough, I’m not gonna lie to you. But it wasn’t because he was fussy or not sleeping — he always went to sleep. He just wanted to eat every 2-3 hours, so I didn’t get a lot of rest in between feedings. The last two nights, however, he’s slept 4-6 hours in between meals, and I have never been happier to sleep for five hours at a time.

Eating: Like his mother, this baby can eat, and he does so with gusto. He eats with the same enthusiasm as a Velociraptor who just realized the electric fences were down. He’s gained more than three pounds in a month, which is a lot when you’re not even two feet tall.

Clothes: We started out in newborn sizes, and even a few premie-sized shirts, but those days are over. Between his growing pot belly and his long legs, we’ll be moving up a size any day now.

Nicknames: Fussy Gussy, Grumpy Gus, Turtleneck, Milkman, Gremlin, Handsome Man, Buddy Boy, Milkasaurus Rex.

Mommy & Daddy: Mike is officially headed back to work on Monday, and I’m finally capable of thinking about that without bursting into tears! Take that, baby blues! Yes, I’m up throughout the night making sure the Milkman is fed but Mike wakes up and changes diapers, and makes sure I have enough water. If we have a long night with a lot of feedings, Mike will get up early and take Gus off my hands for a few hours so I can sleep (and they watch Netflix). Breastfeeding is exhausting and seemingly never ending, but it suits me and I’m good at it (Exhibit A: rapidly growing giant baby). I won’t tell you how much weight I’ve lost in the last four weeks, because you will hate me forever. I’ll just say, my pre-pregnancy clothes are back in rotation, and are …a little baggy. Long story short, if you’re at all on the fence about breastfeeding, I highly recommend it.


4 thoughts on “One Month

  1. can I just say that your little boy is sosoosososoosososososoSOSOSOSOSOOOOOOOOOOO
    ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to meet him. Miss y’all….

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