Baby Showered!

Saturday was my baby shower, and it was full of adorable clothes, delicious cookies, and heartfelt wishes from family and friends.

I warned my nurses in advance I’d be eating cookies over the weekend. ALL the cookies.

I kept that promise.

In other news, here’s photographic proof that there’s a baby in there (and that my boobs are huge).


I didn’t get to take a lot of pictures, because I was busy stuffing my face with mini quiche and mustache-shaped cookie bars, and by the time I got to use my camera, the party was almost over.




My friends and family filled out Wishes Cards for Mr. Baby — which wasn’t a total surprise, because, well — I had to make them — but I didn’t mind. We had them at my cousin’s baby shower last year, and I really, really wanted the same thing for my shower. What I didn’t know though, was my mom mailed blank cards to the people who couldn’t come to the party so they could still participate. Man, that lady sure is thoughtful.


The common consensus? Everyone thinks I’m hilarious, and Mike’s beard is amazing.

But we already knew that.

Mike and I were so touched by what everyone wrote for Mr. Baby, and all the gifts we received. And now I have a dining room full of adorable clothes, books and stuffed animals, and strollers-and-bouncers-and-playmats oh my!

And since 1) I got my hair cut for the first time in more than a year, 2) used a hairdryer for the first time since February, and 3) put makeup on my face (as opposed to my usual getup of chapstick and a sweat-stache) — here are some more pictures of my face (and some other faces).




That last one right there? Parents in sixish weeks! Say what?!


2 thoughts on “Baby Showered!

  1. Remember that time when I tried to fill out your Wishes for Mr. Baby card, and I ended up crying my eyes out? So happy and excited for you and Mike… from the bottom of my heart.

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