T-Minus Seven Weeks.

The general consensus between my hematologist, the high-risk team, and my regular OB is that I should be induced no later than 39 weeks.

Which means, I’m having a baby sometime in the next seven weeks. And that — is insane.

I remember being just seven weeks pregnant like it was yesterday, and thinking the end was FOREVER and a day away, if I was lucky enough to even make it that far. And, then BAM! here we are.

Starting now, as a reward for a) making it to 32 weeks, and b) having gestational diabetes, I get to go to the hospital twice a week until Mr. Baby makes his debut for Non-Stress Tests (NSTs) and Bio-Physical Profiles (BPPs). NSTs monitor his heart rate and movements, and check to see if I’m having any contractions, while I sit in a recliner, sipping ice water and reading, with a bunch of monitors strapped to my belly. It looks like this:


And yes, that sliver of skin is the maximum amount of my stomach that will ever see the light of day on the internet. You’re welcome.

BPPs are ultrasounds to make sure things are doing what they should be — he’s taking practice breaths (which is weird!), blood is flowing the way it should, his heart is doing what hearts do. You know, human body type stuff.

Mike & I spent the last weekend getting the nursery put together, a process we gradually started a few weeks ago: painting the room with my momma, and then painting some old/hand-me-down furniture to match the white crib we wanted. Only when we went to buy the crib, Ikea told us they didn’t have any until maybe October. Ummmm… thanks, I guess. So we’ll just wait? But Mike discovered they had the crib we wanted in stock in California — but Ikea only ships regionally. So some of our favorite Californians, Kelly & Brad, very graciously shipped the crib we wanted across the country for us.

Swedish crib, by way of Santa Monica to Maryland. It’s a very well-traveled crib.


It’s not finished, but we’re getting there — and at least I have a place for the wee one to sleep.

In the meantime, I do think my nesting instincts are kicking in — although my body has some strong opinions about that. Namely, that we should be laying on the sofa, taking lots of naps and bathroom breaks.


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