Let’s Talk About Food, Baby

Yes, I’m still talking about food.

I officially want to eat everything. After almost four months of gagging at the idea of anything more substantial than water, I’ve finally reached the point in my pregnancy where I am a bottomless pit. Well, sort of — I still can’t eat very much, but at least now I actually want to eat things.

Oh, but damn you gestational diabetes! Damn you straight to hell! All the things I want to eat are off limits.

I’m told as soon as I have this baby, I’ll be back to normal. So, naturally my thought process is something like:

1) Have a baby!
2) Hold that baby!
3) Kiss my husband!

And because I like to daydream about food, and torture myself, here’s what I have planned for November:

photo (9)photo (11)photo (8)photo (7)photo (10)


8 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Food, Baby

  1. I will go with you on this journey! For moral support obviously, and not because I also want to eat all of those things.

  2. My favorite parts of this post are the tags on the bottom. I really hope someone is coming to your blog and clicking on the tag for “eating everything” or “bottomless pit”. That’s what I’d be clicking on for sure.

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