Educated Guessing

Last weekend we spent a few hours registering for Mr. Baby, and my upcoming baby shower.

Registering for a baby is a lot different than for a wedding — since I know what sort of sheets and towels I like, and Mike knew that he realllllly wanted a popcorn popper — we just zipped through C&B and Macy’s and picked out ALL THE THINGS.

But babies? I don’t know what that little man is going to like. Or need, really.

So, before we went scan-happy, I asked my mommy friends on Facebook for any recommendations. The results? We’re a mixed bag.

I definitely added some wearable blankets, and swaddles. Old school cloth diapers in lieu of burp cloths. Boppies and a Rock n’ Play were a must too. My personal favorite “tips” were the few who suggested things like, “crib! stroller! car seat!”

Uhh, yeah. That part, I already knew. But thanks for playing.

I did some research before we went — specifically on things like car seats. Actually, only on car seats. Mainly because I feel like that’s something that’s specifically designed to keep him alive, and the rest of the stuff is just for me to decorate with, or for us to clean baby puke off of for a few months. I tried not to overthink things or second guess my choices. Mike was quick to point out that babies have survived for thousands of years without bath spout covers and Nosefridas. So for the rest of the things, we took a fast and loose approach.

That one has hedgehogs on it?! Get it! Towels with crabs on them?! YES PLEASE. A diaper bag that looks like a purse? I think so, yes! A humidifier in the shape of an elephant?! OH MY GOD, GET IT. A stuffed moose head made out of recycled sweaters?! Say whaaaaat?! (Yes, I really did register for him — and he’s on sale!)



One thought on “Educated Guessing

  1. i love cloth diapers!! (i do live in asheville, a land where ppl make their own!) motherease cloth diapers are the &hit, just wash them asap (duh) and do an extra rinse in the machine with vineager. oh, and line drying them in the sun makes them kind of stiff but freshens and bleaches the heck out of them. hints from krismac! one more thing: if u are planning to breastfeed, you might want to get a tiny tube of lanolin (i swear it is made from sheep or something.) kids on the tits are like hoover vacuums and i guarantee you yr tatas are not used to it! (unless M is prepping them?)

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