It’s a … BABY?!

1) Surprise, I’m pregnant!*

Like, kind of super pregnant.

As in, I’m halfway to giving birth to a human child.


We’re not the type to take a pregnancy test and start shouting the results from the rooftops. As far as IVF is concerned, I’m a champ when it comes to getting pregnant — I just don’t have the best track record staying that way.

So, in the beginning, we waited for some good bloodwork, and then only told family and close friends. In the past, I’d never made it to the first sonogram, so that was a big deal. Six weeks in, we saw a tiny, flickering blob, and were told it was perfect. Two more weeks, and we could see a little dancing gummy bear with waving arms and legs. (One advantage to fertility treatments AND being high-risk? I get a lot of sonograms.)

Months later, it hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows. We’ve had some wonky blood work, and no one can really explain it, and follow up testing has been inconclusive — hence our delayed announcement. But everything seems fine — Mr. Baby is growing on schedule, has a consistently strong heartbeat, dances around like his momma, and is definitely a boy.

It’s hard, given our track record, not to think “well, if we stay pregnant,” or “if we have a baby this time,” but we’re finally to a point where we just said — screw it. Being nervous nellies with twitchy eyes is soooo 2012 — I’m ready to be excited, and buy some damn baby stuff already!

2) Wait, it’s a boy?!

Yes, a male child. This is exceptional news, if we are not related — because the last boy born in my immediate family is almost 27, I think. That’s 27 years of nothing but girl babies. People are already referring to him as “The Little Prince,” which I’m hoping doesn’t stick. My cousin immediately started screaming, “BUT I SAVED YOU ALL THESE SUNDRESSES!” Because that’s just how it is — we make girls… until now, apparently.

Hopefully he has at least some of my personality or that child will never, ever, get a word in edgewise.

3) Pregnancy sort of suits me.

But not really. Like, I didn’t have terrible morning sickness (I don’t think) but I did lose my appetite completely for about three months (and sort of counting, it’s getting a little better). All I wanted was ice water with lemons (Mr. Baby is really well hydrated) and a plain soft pretzels. My first trimester I think I lost 15 pounds, and I’m still a few pounds under where I started in February.

As a result, I’m barely showing. Well, maybe I’m showing? But my boobs are so huge, I think it’s impossible to tell. So I can still wear all my regular clothes, my skin is awesome (thanks, water!), and my love affair with food appears to be over, for good.

In other news, I have heartburn that could stop a grizzly bear in it’s tracks, I haven’t been able to brush my teeth without dry heaving since March, and every fan in our house has been on full blast since February. But you won’t hear me complaining (unless you are my husband).

4) Boo! I’m due on Halloween!

Perfect timing, if you ask me, because October is the best.

And now I get to register for stuff! And be super-duper pregnant during the summer! And there’s a nursery to decorate!


*This is probably not a surprise if we are 1) related, 2) bffs, 3) pinterest friends


14 thoughts on “It’s a … BABY?!

  1. I stumbled upon your blog while looking for a recipe and I was hooked! You are so funny! I too am struggling with fertility and I was so happy to see this post!! Congrats to you and your hubby! Gives me hope. 🙂

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