The Big 3-2

Nothing says, “Hey, I’m 32!” quite like spending the day scraping decades old caulk out of your shower.

That’s what I did today, whilst turning 32. And (spoiler alert!) tomorrow I’m recaulking said shower! I know. I know. Slow down. Try to contain the excitement, amiright?

Birthday highlights:

A bazillion people wished me a happy birthday on Facebook!

One of oldest friends sent me the sweetest email, and I haven’t even attempted to respond to her, because she made me cry and there’s no crying on birthdays!

Mike took me to my favorite sushi place for a gluten-filled feast.

Oh, and BA-BAAM, gave me a diamond bracelet! Haaaay, girlllll!


Also, I had this conversation with my mother:

“I can’t believe my baby is going to be 31!”
“Uhh, mom, I’m 32.”
“YOU ARE???!”

Thank you all for all the birthday wishes. If today is any indication of the year to come, I will be a very lucky lady (with a super clean, watertight shower).


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