I’m So … Inappropriate??!

I was looking through some of my DIY pins tonight, because I have the overwhelming urge to modpodge something.

I saw a few people had repinned my cupcake topper DIY post from last January, and I couldn’t remember ever actually explaining how to make them, so I clicked on the link to read my original post, and saw this:


Uhhhh. What?!

I mean, I know I’m not terribly ladylike, but what about that is so inappropriate? My itchy, hairy legs? Yes, gross, but whatever — we all do it. Well, obviously except for that weird prude who reported me to Pinterest.


Talk about a fun and unexpected twist — my legs are hairy (again, not still) and I have another unexplained fertility medicine rash on the same shin!

Sorry if you’re totally horrified.

In other news, all of our genetic tests came back normal! Yay!! I’m meeting with my new hematologist next week, who will hopefully have some magical advice to keep me pregnant. I’d consider it a Christmas miracle, athank you.

So, the new plan is we’ll transfer two frozen embryos in early 2013 — as soon as we get a spot on the schedule. Also, my doctor told me I’m not allowed to gain another pound (I’ve been eating my feelings since October) right before this delicious holiday season. So that should be a lot of fun.

Hopefully I won’t have a lot of explaining to do on January 1st.


One thought on “I’m So … Inappropriate??!

  1. just so you know..i have extremely hairy legs. I enjoy them. I consider them very “european”. And my armpit hair right now is, like, neon orange. I REALLY MISS YOU!!!!!!

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