A Teeny Tiny Baby Update

And by teeny tiny, I mean, I don’t really know anything yet for sure — but I’m doing laundry and waiting for some paint to dry, so there you go.

After our second miscarriage, my fertility doctor sent me for another round of tests — specifically dealing with clotting issues. Everything was normal, with the exception of Factor V Leiden, which I already knew I had, and was the reason I was also already taking blood thinner once we found out I was pregnant.

Since there weren’t any other indicators present, they decided to send us both for a chromosomal screening to make sure that our genes were, you know, in order. Basically, I should have 46 XX chromosomes, and Mike should have 46 XYs. There are situations where one or both of us could have a gene or two that is missing information, or things are inverted, etc. If that were the case, all of our embryos could have inherited the genetic disorders, which would explain why they stop developing. The doctor explained that in a “normal” fertile couple, the natural risk of miscarriage is 20-30%, but if you have an inverse chromosomal situation, the natural risk is 70-80%.

If that is the case, we’d have to biopsy each embryo, and then determine what was healthy and usable, and what was not.

It’s also unlikely that is what the problem is. We’ll find out for sure in another week when our test results come back, and I guess cross that very expensive bridge when we come to it.

If there is an issue — we’ll have to decide if we should biopsy the 13 frozen embryos we already have (which would require them all to be thawed, biopsied, and refrozen which they may not survive), or if it’s better (and cheaper, because that’s a consideration, obviously) to do another fresh cycle and biopsy them pre-freeze.

If there’s not an issue (fingers crossed, athank you) then we’ll do a frozen transfer in the beginning of 2013, only I’ll start my blood thinner weeks earlier than before, and possibly at a higher dose. I’m trying to meet with a new hematologist (my last doctor passed away suddenly over the summer) but I won’t know until later this week if he’s accepting new patients, or if I can even get in to see him before the next cycle starts.

In the meantime, I’m trying to get over a cold that knocked me on my ass a week ago, painting a kitchen door (theoretically) with some chalkboard paint, and trying to figure out what the hell I’m going to get anyone for Christmas this year…



3 thoughts on “A Teeny Tiny Baby Update

  1. Aside from the clotting factor tests, you should have some basic immunology panels run– they are not usually run and most REs are clueless. But immune issues can prevent implantation and cause miscarriages, so they’re extremely important to test for in situations like yours. If you want more info, email me… georgetteoden at yahoo dot com.

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