Surviving Sandy

Ok, surviving is a strong word.

People in NY & NJ are surviving. I’m not going to complain about a (small) broken car window and a few days without electricity, because my house is still standing, and everyone is safe. Plus, when the power goes out, I get to eat as much junk food as I want!

We actually prepared for Sandy — we ate as much as we could in the fridge and freezer, I got some extra candles and flashlights, and stocked our cupboards with delicious and unhealthy carbs and sugar.

The lights went out on Monday (they came back on Thursday) as soon as Mike & I decided to take a break and watch some TV together. So we spent the rest of the day/night reading on the sofa, snuggled up with the pups. It was pretty dark (that happens at night in October) and it got pretty cold, pretty fast.

…so we packed up some clothes, the dogs, and the pop tarts and went to stay with my mom until the power came back on. It was after about ten trips to the car, loading up the hounds, and backing out of the driveway, that I noticed one of my windows was completely smashed. Initially, it was just cracked, with a tiny little hole at the bottom — but then I bought some gas, shut my door to leave, and it basically collapsed into an enormous hole.  Oops!

Thankfully my mom has an impeccable garage, and I got home before she did, so I stole her parking spot and then accidentally filled her garage with tiny shards of glass.

Then Mike threw together a last-minute Halloween costume for his company’s annual costume contest (he was the defending champ from 2011). He decided to go as a flasher. Wednesday morning started off something like, “Hey, draw some nipples on this shirt.” Which I did — but they just looked like eyeballs, so I added a little chest hair. He borrowed a trench coat from his dad, and made an impromptu “Censored” sort of codpiece, and headed into the office.

… and he lost.

But whatever, now I get to wear that shirt around the house.




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