Mmmmm, Pad Thai

Mike & I are both fans of Pad Thai.  Chinese, sushi, Japanese — all Asian foods, really.

Avoiding gluten makes eating delicious Asian foods difficult, since soy sauce is full of gluten, and is basically in everything.

I don’t really have the patience, or the knowhow to make a lot of Asian foods — but I know I like rice noodles, and am allowed to eat them — so when I found this recipe for Easy Pad Thai, I wanted to give it a shot.

I’d found a lot of other recipes out there — but they all called for ingredients that I might not ever use again. I really, really like this one because all you need is some soy sauce, lime juice and brown sugar, and you’re halfway there.

Oooh! Also — if you’ve never used rice noodles before — don’t feel like you have to use the same brand she features in her recipe. My grocery store carries a few other bands in the international aisle, and they’re usually cheaper.

I make mine a little bit differently, and change it up as far as proteins — chicken and shrimp are both delicious additions, and I mix up an extra batch of the pad thai sauce to marinate whichever one I want to use ahead of time.

Obviously, if you’re avoiding/allergic to wheat — you’ll want to use gluten-free soy sauce. I also add, like, 18 times the amount of Sriracha Patricia’s recipe calls for, because we like things hot, hot, hot. (Also, Mike always adds more. Always. He’s a badass)

Mike hates peanuts in his pad thai, so if I feel like adding some to mine, I’ll chop some up — but lately I’ve just been skipping it, since I’m lazy. I also have a love/hate relationship with scallions. I don’t know what it is. The last few times I made a batch of pad thai for dinner, I forgot to get some at the store, and it was just as tasty without them.

Patricia also noted a lot of people thought there should be more sauce — I am one of those people. Those noodles are like little delicious sponges.

From start to finish, it’s about 30 minutes!  I make it once a week, and Mike told me it’s his favorite pad thai, ever — athank you very much.


8 thoughts on “Mmmmm, Pad Thai

  1. Hayyyy! 🙂

    DH and I honeymooned in Thailand. I hated Thai food until I went there and had $.25 pad thai fifty times a day from the lady who ran a little street food cart outside our hotel. It spoiled me for what passes for pad thai here in the States. Thank you for this post, it has motivated me to put this on the menu!

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