Car Ghost

A few days ago I was out running errands, when my car radio started changing the station ALL BY ITSELF.

It wasn’t like I accidentally bumped the scan button either — 1) because my car isn’t that fancy, and I don’t have any buttons like that on the steering wheel, and 2) IT HAPPENED SIX TIMES.


It didn’t jump from one pre-set to another either — each time it happened, the car ghost (because clearly, my car is haunted) turned the tuner knob one click, so it went from music to static.

It was terrifying.

And today — it happened AGAIN.

Also, the ghost hates pop music.

Nicki Minaj? Changed!

Maroon 5 and Pink? Nope, the ghost says no.

Kanye? Pffft. Please.

After this afternoon, we can add Tone Loc to the list too. Apparently my car ghost has issues with Funky Cold Medina.

Ghost approved acts? So far, Fleetwood Mac & Bryan Adams.

I guess I’ll be listening to a lot of Lite 102.



4 thoughts on “Car Ghost

  1. Remember when you had another car ghost (maxima) in ’99?? I can’t recall all the supernatural details, but I swear the ghost loved biggie.

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