A few days ago, Mike very excitedly told me about some server rack he found on Craigslist, that he was going to go pick up in PA.

I knew that he got a really good deal. I did not know how big server racks are.

So when he showed up with a heavy, giant, metal cage and couldn’t initially get it down into the basement — I was worried it would live in my dining room forever.

Last night after an impromptu sushi dinner with our friend Brian, they decided to move that bad boy down the stairs.

Remember that time Ross Geller had to move a sofa up some stairs?

No no, you come here to me.

Yeah — it was a lot like that.

After moving it veerrrry slowly down the stairs (in an attempt to not crush Brian, who was the one going backwards) they couldn’t get it around the railing.

I suggested, maybe, taking the railing off the wall to free up some space?

And then Mike came back from the garage with a saw.

Ten minutes later, the railing was unscrewed, and the post was, well, gone.

But at least there’s not a server rack in my dining room anymore.



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