Ohmygod, This Week.

I should be at the beach right now.

Wait, don’t get out your tiny violins — I’ll be there in a few hours — but I should have been there first thing this morning…

This week has kicked our asses.

First, Mike got attacked by hornets. Between Sunday night and Monday evening, he was stung six times — and some of the terrifying culprits chased him into the house. Of course, I didn’t realize I had a bunch of angry hornets in the house until after I helped him with all his wounds — so by the time we got downstairs and there were two in the foyer, I was totally paranoid that there were more just laying in wait. I was expecting a hornet attack around every corner.

I’m not exaggerating at all when I tell you I spent the rest of the night sitting with my back to the wall (watching gymnastics, naturally) clutching a fly swatter like my life depended on it. I’m terrified of bees, and these made bees look like little baby puppies.

Each time he was stung, he was in the same place in the yard, so we knew we had a nest over there somewhere. So then I had to find someone to remove what turned out to be a volleyball-sized hornets nest from the bushes 15 feet from my front door.

Then, I decided that I despise Facebook. Fine, whatever — I’m pretty sure everyone agrees with me.

Then last night, a hour before I was going to start packing our bags, Mike walked down in the basement, and there was water, everywhere.

Thankfully, we have a shopvac, so we were able to clean it up over the next few hours — but there was easily 80 gallons of water down there — courtesy of the AC/condensation drainy hole thingy (super technical, I know) not, well, draining.

Long story short (too late!) we couldn’t leave for the beach until someone came out and fixed our watery basement issue.

Please keep your fingers crossed that our vacation is disaster-free, athank you. Worst case scenario, I just make someone pee their pants again.


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