Facebook Overload

Man. Remember when Facebook was fun?

You’d post pictures of your best friend drunkenly falling into a bathtub? Or all of your closest friends at a wedding?

Or you’d see a hilarious video, and think, “everyone should see this!”

So and So are in a relationship! Yay!

Me? I stuck to favorite movie and TV quotes, inside jokes, and pictures of when I was skinny.

Those were good times.

But now? Facebook bums me out.

People are arguing over Chick-fil-a, and gun control. Gay marriage! Healthcare! Tax cuts! But the Bible says this! We are the 99%!

No one can say anything without someone staring an ugly debate. And oh, dear god, it’s an election year to boot. I can’t handle it.

It’s so bitchy, and negative and confrontational. It’s poisonous.

My newsfeed is perpetually clogged with pictures people commented on, or liked. I’m sorry. I don’t care if you like a picture of a guy I don’t know hugging a dog. I don’t give a shit about random pictures of girls in yoga pants, or cleavage. I can see that at home, whenever I want. And yes, I love my mother — but liking some random “Like if U luv ur Mom!” picture doesn’t prove it.

Also, if I see one more pregnancy announcement, I’m going to lose it.

So, Facebook and I just went to being in a relationship to it being a little complicated.

It’s not me, Facebook. It’s you.


6 thoughts on “Facebook Overload

  1. YES! Thank you.

    I strongly support gay rights and at the same time love me some chicken nuggets and waffle fries (not to mention the play area allows me to enjoy them in peace) I don’t feel like FB needs to know about either.


  2. why do you think i’m not on the thing? it’s just too much, thanks, plus I TRULY DO NOT GIVE A SHIT!! you, however, ARE the shit! blaahh-doowh!

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  4. Yes!!!! I could not have said it better or agree more! Which is why I made my husband change my password ( and not tell me what it is) a few months ago so I could take a Facebook hiatus ! I love your blog Ashley! U should be getting paid for this!

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