Vacation Photo Overload

We’re home! We’re sort of tan (I was afraid of getting burned on day one of vacation, and then being miserable, so I may have over-lotioned)! I saw Hogwarts, and didn’t burst into tears!

To recap, quickly: One day at Epcot (lunch in Mexico, and dinner in Japan), one day at Universal (I had Harry Potter-tunnel vision. Straight to Hogsmeade, and then straight home. Move it, muggles!), and one day sleeping late, eating too much, and swimming and reading by the pool(s).

Sudden downpours? Check.

Mouse towels (on Nemo-themed bedding, no less)? Check.

Pirate-themed pools? Check.

Giant Norwegian trolls? Ooooook!

Delicious food, and boozy drinks? Check and check.

Fish & Chips at The Three Broomsticks?! Butterbeer at the Hog’s Head Tavern??! YES!



3 thoughts on “Vacation Photo Overload

  1. those pics are sick! i’m glad you had fun. you and mike are so cute with your matching glasses. I could be your cousin with mine too! love ya and miss you buckets….~KMac-Jo

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