The Happiest Place on Earth

This time next week, I’ll be in Disney World.

I know, I know. You’re not supposed to announce your vacation plans to the internet.* But people are staying in our house while we’re gone, so don’t try to rob us, or you’ll go right to jail. Also, we don’t really have anything worth stealing…

I need a vacation.

Which is hilarious, because I don’t have a job. Not a real one, anyway. But keeping up with this house, and these dogs, and surviving without electricity for nearly a week, and getting a rental property together for some new tenants has me all riled up.

Mike and I never really went on a proper honeymoon. We couldn’t really afford it (technically, we live in our honeymoon), and we ended up getting married in the middle of a ginormous blizzard, so we would have missed it anyway. Plus, like two months after we met, we spent a week in Jamaica. So, we sort of honeymooned… it was just a year and a half before our wedding.

So a month ago when he surprised me with a trip to the Happiest Place on Earth, I was all for it. Plus he literally said the magic words, “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter,” and my head almost exploded. Every nerdy bone in my body, was all, “Alohomora, Hogwarts!” Swish and flick! Accio, plane tickets! I solemnly swear, I am up to no good! Butterbeer?! YES!

See? Nerd alert.

And so, I’m knee-deep in vacation prep. Laundry. Cleaning. Packing lists. Renting cars. Confirming reservations. And it’s only Tuesday!

Wish me luck.

*And please don’t rob us.


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