Just Call Me The Egg Machine

Well, all those shots (and all that money) paid off.

Yesterday was our egg retrieval, and after a little more than a week of shots, hot flashes, weird dreams, astronomical estrogen levels, and what felt like bowling ball-sized ovaries — they (well, we) ended up with 21 eggs.

Go ahead, and be impressed.

My surgery was one of the first on the schedule for the day, and the surgical center is more than an hour away from our house — so we got at up 4am to get there for our appointment. The night before I went to bed at 8:30, which I’m fairly certain hasn’t happened since the 80’s. If you ask my mother she will tell you that it has never, ever happened — but she’s a known liar, so just ignore her.

I’ll spare you the details of how exactly they get the eggs. Go ahead and google it, if you’re really curious — and then you’ll really be impressed by me.

Thank god for my husband — he’s an excellent caregiver, who also had to get up at 4am and did not get to take any naps. I’m also super thankful for my collection of heating pads, and simultaneously grateful for air conditioning and ceiling fans (because heating pads and hot flashes do not mix well).

Now we just have to wait and see how many of the 21 are fertilized and growing, and wait for our embryo transfer in a few days.

So keep your fingers crossed, and feel free to bring me snacks, because I’m sore and laying on the sofa, and it hurts to get up and feed myself.


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