Let Me Upgrade You

We’ve been toying with the idea of upgrading to a newer, fancier printer. The one I’ve been using for all my Etsy orders is nice, works well, and was expensive when Mike bought it — but it’s also 11 years old, a little temperamental, and uses a single large ink cartridge. The newer version we’ve been eyeing has individual CMYK cartridges, which will save me a ton of ink (and the environment!) in the long run.

Another bonus? Having Beyonce stuck in your head for four days.

We decided once we ran out of the old printer’s ink, we’d make the switch. That nicely coincided with an $80 rebate, a random printer error, and my busiest Etsy week in awhile.

So I ordered the new printer a few days ago, and Mike installed it for me last night — just in time to get five orders out the door this morning in time for Mother’s Day.

I’m in love.

It’s so big! It’s so quiet! It’s so fast! It’s everything you could ask for in a man printer.

And in case you’re in the mood for some pictures of adorable baby animals? Look what I saw at the post office this morning!


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