A Pitbull Sized Soapbox

Our dog Daisy is sweet, gentle, funny (yes, dogs can be funny), snuggly, and lovable. Just ask anyone who’s ever met her (and was then promptly licked excessively).

She also happens to be a pitbull.

Well, a pitbull-mix. Speculation about her other half includes whippets, greyhounds, or anything really fast and skinny.

Daisy’s biggest concerns during the day consist of:

“Is there a sunbeam available? I’ll lay in it.”
“Oh! You have a blanket! Move, please, I’d like to get under it with you.”
“Gah. Something wet touched me! Why did you buy a house with a pool?!”
“You made the bed?! Fools! I’ll just make a nest in all your pillows.”

So when I read about a new Maryland law designating “all dogs identified as ‘pit bulls and pit bull mixes’ inherently dangerous,” I was a little offended. According to this law, I’m liable for any damages my dog causes to any people, or other dogs…

Uhhh — yes? I’m pretty sure that should be the case for ANY dog owners though, regardless of their pet’s breed.

Pitbulls get a bad rap. Sure, a lot of them have been used as attack dogs, or bitten people (so has every other breed of dog). They’ve also been kept in cages, starved for extended periods of time, and forced to fight to the death. Try that with ANY dog, and you’ll get the same results.

As a matter of fact, do that to me, and see how friendly I am after a few weeks. Or, you know, read the Hunger Games — it’s the exact same thing.

Aggression is a learned behavior — I don’t care what breed of dog you have — if you neglect it, and beat it, and teach it to attack, you’ll end up with a vicious dog. The real problem are dog owners who turn innocent animals into violent ones.

Animal Shelters are already overrun with animals — pitbulls especially — and this law is certainly not going to make it any easier to find them homes, or keep other family-friendly pits with the people who love them.

So, if you care, do something about it, please.


6 thoughts on “A Pitbull Sized Soapbox

  1. I completely agree with you! All dog owners should be responsible for what their dogs do – one breed should not be singled out. In fact, my golden was attacked by a German Shepard a few years ago. Apparently the family that “owned” the shepard kept him chained outside all day, every day. Hmmm. I would be aggressive if I was chained every day of my life. By the way, your sweet puppy Daisy is adorable. 🙂

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