Wit & Wisdom

If you live in Baltimore (or really, anywhere in Maryland — trust me, it’s worth the drive) do yourself a favor and eat your next fancy/celebratory/you’ve-budgeted-for-it dinner at Wit & Wisdom at the Four Seasons in Harbor East.

We went last night with Mike’s parents and his Grandparents who are in town from Kansas, and are about to celebrate their 57th wedding anniversary.

The service was impecable, and the whole staff signed a Happy Anniversary card which was waiting at the table when we sat down.

Classy with a capital C, yes?

I’ll warn you now, I have zero pictures of my food and cocktails. This is because everything was so delicious, I didn’t have the self-control to stop shoveling things into my mouth to be bothered with using a camera.

I recommend you eat as much as possible, and try to include: Lobster Corndogs and Blue Crab Gratin ‘Imperial.’ Then some Hushpuppies (Honey Hot Sauce? What?! Get in my belly!) and their Mac & Cheese Casserole. My Rockfish was good too — but I really wanted to wrestle the plate of Braised Pork away from my father-in-law (but I didn’t since he was buying).

I spent the evening drinking “Charming Farmers” — I’m still not entirely sure what was in them, other than something about whipped egg whites and bourbon? I think? I know a Bay Leaf was involved. It really doesn’t matter — just order one, and thank me later.

Finish everything off with the Baltimore Bar (which I can’t accurately describe — basically I wanted to eat it AND marry it).

Trust me. Just eat it.

I don’t care if you’re full. Do it anyway.




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