Roughing It

I spent the last weekend roughing it.

Well, roughing it for me.

Somewhere in the Pennsylvania mountains, three ladies ate a lot of cheeseballs, drank entirely too much wine, and engaged in a little healthy board game competition.

I slept in a cabin (with electricity, a dvd player, and running water). I walked and played in the woods. I ate at a roadside diner. I slept in a twin bed.


I made the mistake of teaching my most competitive friend how to play dominos, and she promptly destroyed me.


I almost twisted my ankle running away from a bee.

At least, I think it was a bee. Whatever it was, it wanted to attack my face, and my instinct to flee took over.

It was the closest I’ve come to camping in easily 15 years. And I actually enjoyed myself.

Next time though, we need a bigger bag of cheeseballs. They were gone way too quickly.


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