Baby Break

We found out about a month ago that our last round of IUI was unsuccessful. Thankfully that was the same night as my bff’s 30th birthday party, so instead of feeling sorry for myself, I just kept pouring everyone glasses of wine.

That’s healthy, right?

So we’ve decided to move on to (lemon-sized ovaries!) IVF, for a few reasons…

One — Our insurance actually covers it, as long as you can prove you’ve tried everything else first.

Two — After eight months of fertility treatment, I’m ready for some babies, like, yesterday. The success rates of IUI are around 30%, and the success rates of IVF are closer to 55% — so the odds are in our favor.

Three — Before we can start, we have to take a break. A break! A glorious break! Several weeks without needles and bloodwork, sonograms or doctors appointments all over town!

Initially I was sort of bummed, because I was ready to get started. But after a few injection-free weeks, and no more hot flashes or mood swings, I was singing a different tune.

And so I’m trying to make the most out of this mini-break.

I’m going to paint things around the house. I’m going to cook things for my cousin who’s going to go into labor any day now. I’m going to (literally) exercise my ass off. I’m going to keep stockpiling and trying new grain-free recipes.

How’s that going? Oh, thanks for asking.

I’ve lost about 17 pounds in three weeks. I also have gobs of energy. And my knees don’t hurt anymore. And I think I might be slightly taller, and I’m definitely funnier.

So, I’d say it’s going really well.

I’d also say I look fabulous. Mini-breaks look good on me.


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