Further Proof My Husband is Amazing

Yesterday I spent the day with my BFF, who’s been having a rough start to 2012.

We (very healthily) ate our faces off at the Cheesecake Factory and then took in an afternoon showing of The Hunger Games (my second time, her first) — then it was back to my house for Starbucks, dinner (healthy! again!), a True Blood marathon, and a sleepover.

It was basically the best day, ever.

Oh, and after I bought some super dark chocolate for dessert and realized just how dark it was, she said, “put that dark in my mouth,” which might be the classiest request ever made.

So, why is my husband the bestest?

After working late (again) and coming home to a house full of Eric Northman-obsessed women, he showed up with flowers.

For both of us.

Resulting in both of us oooohing and ahhhing, and giving me an excuse to use some of my new iphone camera lenses.

He is seriously the most wonderful man in the world. Or he’s paving the way for a Sister Wives-type situation.

Either way, I can’t really complain.


3 thoughts on “Further Proof My Husband is Amazing

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