Sooo, You Eat What, Exactly?

1) I’m really excited I’m not the only person I know following the Wheat Belly diet, or a variation thereof. My husband is coming along for the ride, and so are my momma and my best friend. Now, if the rest of you would get on board, it would make going to parties a lot easier for me. Mmkkay? Thanks.

2) Some people want a little clarification as to the rules — and if you’re for realsies, buy the book, because I’m more of a summation kind of girl — but yes, no wheat. At all. Modern wheat is bad for you. Do you know what a Paleo Diet is? Well, it’s a lot like that, only you can have dairy, limited legumes, and non-gluten grains.

So, what do I eat?

I can have lean (preferably organic, but we’re not made of money) protein, eggs, cheese, unlimited vegetables (with the exception of potatoes and corn), nuts and seeds, and healthy fats. Fruits, beans, non-gluten grains like quinoa, and brown rice are all ok in moderation.

Courtesy of Pinterest (of course) I’ve already found at least a dozen Paleo-friendly recipes I want to try, or adapt.

Why am I looking for Paleo recipes?

Well, if you look for things that are just gluten-free — a lot of those recipes swap in cornstarch, or potato flour, or something that’s not wheat — but that’s not really any better for you if you’re say… fat, or diabetic.

So, since I know the Paleo Diet excludes grains and sugar — I figured that’s a good jumping off point, and more specific than say a gluten-free or low-carb recipe search.

I know it sounds like a lot — and sort of unbelievable, right? Whole grain things are supposed to be good for us, right? Eh. I’m officially convinced that’s not the case.

After only a week — I’m not hungry between meals, I have so much energy — I don’t know what to do with myself, and my body. doesn’t. hurt. Before, my knees ached all the time. I woke up stiff and in pain. The last four days I have literally popped out of bed — and that has never happened before.

Oh, also — in addition to going wheat-free — I’ve also given up caffeine and artificial sweeteners. I’ve also washed my face before bed — like four nights in a row.

This is progress, people.


4 thoughts on “Sooo, You Eat What, Exactly?

  1. I think you’ll love it! I’ve been doing Paleo/Primal eating since September, and the results have been AMAZING! I eat dairy, so I haven’t been strictly Paleo, but I’d never go back to a conventional diet again. Actually when Nic came over (and showed me your site & stuff), I told him all about it and cooked him a Paleo style meal. I think I even helped pique Grover’s interest by telling Nic to emphasize the fact that you can eat a lot of meat! 🙂 Anyway, I’m always excited when I hear of someone else starting this style of eating. I have done a TON of reading and research, and one of my favorite sites is this one: Lots of great resources including grain & sugar free recipes, success stories, and other good general info. His book is also one of my favorites. Alright, enough of my ramblings. Best of luck with everything!

    • Thanks!! I’ve been looking for recipes all over the place for the last few days. I’m worried my husband is going to get bored, so I’m trying to keep things interesting. That sounds scandalous. I’m referring to the kitchen, haha.

      • Haha! I know what you mean. It can get boring with just salad and whatever meat. If you guys like Indian, on the Mark’s Daily Apple site, search for “butter chicken”–you will not be disappointed (his recipe for hot wings is also a winner). I highly recommend you try making “meatza” sometime. I had heard about it and didn’t try it for months, and then I made it and was like, “OMG I’M IN HEAVEN”. I was quite a fan of pizza, you see. Haha. Also, kale chips are a must if you haven’t made them before. I usually make a big batch and that will last me for a good 10 minutes because I’ll eat them all immediately. They are really that addictive, but 10,000x better for you than other chips.

  2. Very proud over here! Keep it up. Do you think you’ll be able to maintain such a diet?

    The only type of major diet change I’ve been thinking about as of late is juicing. Mostly as a means to get more veggies in me. You’d think that as a vegetarian (or some variation of one) that I’d eat a lot of them, but the truth is that I do not. Not even close. 5 a day? Try one serving every two days. 😦 I don’t mind the taste of most veggies, it’s mostly the part where I have to cut it up, toss a salad (haha), get out the dressing (which just puts fat on the healthy stuff), etc. The juicing machine commercials make it look so easy. You don’t even have to cut the stems off stuff. Just shove it into the machine, and out comes liquid health.

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