The List.

We all watched Friends, right?

So, we all have A List, I assume.

My list has changed over the years — obviously, since my first draft was made when I was 14, and completely in love with Steve Martin.

Don’t worry, he’s still an alternate.

But I feel like it’s sort of come together over the last few years, having been unintentionally narrowed down while playing various rounds of Would You Rather with friends and my husband.

I can’t very well keep Steve on The List, if I’m willing to toss him aside for half the cast of True Blood, now can I?

But, at the moment, my list looks like this…


Alexander Skarsgard — because, really, who’s list isn’t he on? You know how Eric Northman was a Viking Prince? Yeah, I have no problem, whatsoever, believing that.

Ryan Reynolds — which I feel is self-explanatory to anyone with eyeballs. 

Robert Downey Jr. — because who doesn’t love a reformed badboy? And is it me, or does he look better now than ever before? 

Josh Holloway — this is sort of cheating, because my crush is actually on James Ford, the conman with a heart of gold, and penchant for nicknames. Also, one word: Dimples.

Justin Theroux — he’s a writer! and he has tattoos! and he can breakdance! and he adopted a pitbull! And really, if it’s good enough for Jennifer Aniston, it’s good enough for me.

I know what you’re thinking. That list is kind of … vanilla.

Believe me — no one is more surprised about that than I am.


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