This Weekend was Delicious.

This weekend was super delicious, and unexpectedly productive.

Friday night was my bff’s Bacon Birthday Party, complete with bacon pizza, chicks-in-a-blanket, and chocolate chip bacon brownies.

Chicks-in-a-blanket, you say? I can’t take credit for those, even though I made them. All the credit goes to my friend Stephanie who created them a few months ago. Imagine a Chick-fil-a nugget, wrapped in bacon, and then wrapped in a crescent roll. That’s right — you’re welcome.

Also, four bottles of wine disappeared, along with half a case of strawberry beer, and some sweet tea vodka.

I think I remember everything being extremely delicious.

Also, playing Catchphrase with people who are horrible at Catchphrase is super entertaining.

Saturday morning, I woke up and thought to myself, “today is the day I should see what’s under that horrible carpet in our upstairs hallway.”

So I ate some pizza, obviously, because we have a ton of it, and cold pizza is delicious. I grabbed some tools (that were totally inappropriate for removing carpet, btw. Thank god for husbands.) and went upstairs to pry a corner of carpet up — only to discover the little dog had thrown up everywhere, right at the top of the stairs.

He was so cute and excited.

Clearly he hated that carpet as much as I did.

And so, I (and a very reluctant, but supportive Mike) ripped it all out — and thankfully discovered a hallway and staircase full of hardwood.

It looks so much better already. But now I really, really, need to paint all the trim in the house…

And then tonight, we had dinner with Mike’s family (and pseudo-family) where (wait for it, Mom) … I ate beets.

And they were delicious.

Actually, everything was delicious — but I find that’s usually the case when a chef is making your dinner.

All that, minus that extra hour!

Go ahead. You can say it.

I know you’re impressed.


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